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We appreciate your interest in Broadlume's Digital Retailing program and website.

One of our team members reach out shortly.

In the meantime, check out our blog or read our case studies below to see how this program has helped retailers educate shoppers, generate higher-quality leads, and increase profits.

Digital Retailing Case Studies

See How Digital Retailing Helps Flooring Retailers Like You

Marshall Flooring Sees Double-Digit Growth With Visualization and E-Commerce Sample Ordering

Digital Retailing provides Marshall Flooring with a seamless and professional shopping experience its competitors can’t match.

How Haight Carpet Uses E-Commerce Sample Ordering to Sell More Flooring

Haight Carpet leverages E-Commerce Sample Ordering to generate higher-quality leads and improve the sales process.

Simplified Flooring Achieves an 80% Close Rate with Broadlume

Simplified Flooring achieves an 80% close rate on its website leads by creating a more convenient shopping experience for their customers.