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Make their vision a reality

Help shoppers fall in love with your products and close deals in your store.

In-store visualization

Our award-winning visualizer uses augmented reality (AR) technology to let shoppers see what your products will look like before they leave your showroom. Showcase your products with our preloaded room scenes, or let customers upload pictures of their own rooms.

Simple to use, powerful results

Using your in-store visualizer is as easy picking a physical sample off a display and scanning its QR code. In seconds, the room scene will come to life with a beautiful new floor.

Seeing is believing

Customers can upload images of their own rooms to preview products, and our AI technology cuts out the existing floor to show your customers the room of their dreams.

The gold standard in visualizer technology

Close Deals Faster

Our flooring visualizer cuts down the time it takes to make a sale by 50%.

Simple To Set Up

From unboxing to getting your kiosk up and running, setup only takes around 15 minutes.

Side-By-Side Comparison

Unleash inspiration with our side-by-side comparison of existing floors and gorgeous floors from your product catalog.

No Wifi Required

Your kiosk is completely operational when offline—you only need an internet connection to upload your own photos.

Extra Digital Signage

When your kiosk isn't in use, the screensaver functions as your store's digital billboard that displays any sales, new products, or upcoming events.


“It’s all nicely integrated together. I can’t imagine having all these different entities separate and trying to figure it out.”

Rachel Berlin — Precision Floors & Decor

Customers are demanding to be engaged

Whatever you're shopping for these days, odds are you can get a digital preview before you buy. Glasses, furniture, and even clothing companies are using AR to help shoppers make more informed buying decisions. With our visualizer, you can give shoppers the level of engagement they've come to expect.
  • Customers can use your visualizer with an intuitive in-store kiosk.
  • Give shoppers realistic previews with the ability to upload photos of their own home.
  • New innovation, all the time: Side-by-Side Comparison, 3D Flooring Swatches, Stairs Visualization...and more to come!
  • Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Your Visualization Tools
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Bring e-commerce swatches to your shoppers

Stand out in your market with this exclusive feature of the Retail Selling System, only offered to one retailer in each market. We take the stress out of swatch orders by fulfilling them for you, with professional packaging and branding for the ultimate customer experience.

Proven to make a difference

We've helped thousands of retailers simplify their business and sell more floors. Schedule a demo, and see why Broadlume is the most trusted technology provider in the flooring industry.