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Web Chat and Texting

Your customers are texting, and so should you

Connect with customers instantly through web chat and text messaging.

Web chat and texting

With web chat and texting, you can make it easier for shoppers to reach you and help your team respond faster.

Respond to customers instantly

Shoppers expect answers in minutes, not hours. With web chat and text support, your team can respond to customers faster and speed up the selling process.

Supercharge your marketing

Deliver your promotions directly to your customers with SMS marketing campaigns. Send updates on the latest sales, newest products on display, and more.

A better way to communicate with customers

Generate More Leads

With web chat, you can generate 11x more inbound leads to your website.

Send Effective Promotions

Text message marketing campaigns average higher than 90% open rates, compared to around 20% for email.

Maximize Productivity

Help your team respond faster than traditional email or phone calls, so everyone can spend more time selling.

Get Faster Responses

The average response time for SMS is under 90 seconds, allowing you to communicate with customers faster.


“Because Broadlume is with the flooring industry, they talk flooring and understand us. That's why they're our partner and that’s why they'll continue to be.”

Cathy Ferris — Floor Specialists

Take advantage of the latest tools

Communicating with your customers via email or phone call is perfectly fine, but it's not very convenient—for you or the customer. With web chat and texting, you can maximize productivity and use the latest tools to deliver the ultimate experience.
  • Make it easier for customers to connect with you.
  • Minimize back and forth messages.
  • Reach customers on the devices they use most.
  • Deliver a better customer experience.
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Never miss another important detail on a call

Never miss a customer's name, phone number, or that one important detail. Our call tracking and recording tools boast powerful voice-to-text read outs and lets you listen to every call made to the store.

Proven to make a difference

We've helped thousands of retailers simplify their business and sell more floors. Schedule a demo, and see why Broadlume is the most trusted technology provider in the flooring industry.