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It's not boring, it's flooring

For too long, the flooring industry has been neglected in the way of digital tools and technology. So we're doing something about it.

Empowering Independent Retailers

Together we will reshape the flooring industry. Our mission is to transform the way flooring is bought and sold around the world. With that, we are building a team of experts who are forward thinkers and who believe innovation is the way we set ourselves apart from the rest. Together we will reshape the flooring industry.

Our vision

Our vision begins by understanding that flooring retailers are the backbone of the flooring industry. We provide local flooring retailers with the industry's only all-in-one marketing and management platform to help them grow their revenue, streamline their operations, and maximize their profits.

Our values


Our customers rely on us for our knowledge and experience in the industry to help them grow their business.

Commitment to our Customers

We are committed to serving our customers the best in class experience.


We have passion for what we do. Most of us are former owners, manufacturers, and experienced flooring professionals. We are the change this industry needs.


Innovation is instilled in who we are. If there is a better, faster, more efficient way to do something, we are going to figure it out and do it.

Company history

Broadlume is the world's largest provider of digital technology to the flooring industry. We provide the only all-in-one marketing and management platform for local retailers who want to grow their revenue, streamline their operations, and maximize their profits. But it wasn't always that way. We've changed a lot over the years.

June 2015 - Company Founded

Our story begins in 2015 as Adhawk, Inc., founded by Todd Saunders and Dan Pratt. AdHawk started as a small adtech company with approximately 50 employees, servicing a wide range of clients across many different industries. We operated out of a small office in New York City.

December 2018 - Our First Acquisition

After working with various clients, our vision started to narrow as we became more aware of the massive opportunity in the flooring industry. We acquired FloorForce in December 0f 2018, and they were the driving force behind us niching down to the flooring industry.

January 2020 - Broadlume Was Born

We acquired another digital marketing company in the flooring industry, this one with two brands: Creating Your Space and Bridgeway Interactive. After acquiring CYS, we completed our transition into the flooring industry. We dropped the AdHawk name, released our clients from other sectors, and created the Broadlume brand.

October 2020 - In A World Of Change

We brought on the brand Freetail, which allowed us to offer our clients a visualizer, enabling consumers shopping for flooring online to visualize how those products look installed.

July 2021 - Laying A Solid Foundation

We launched our Retail Selling System, a turn-key digital-to-physical retailing solution that provides consumers with an exceptional shopping experience, and retailers a consistent pipeline of leads.

Remainder of 2021- Rounding Out Our Portfolio

We acquired Retail Lead Management (RLM), adding the most prominent CRM in the flooring industry to our technology stack. We later acquired RollMaster, to help our customers manage accounting, costing, and inventory management.

September 2022 - The New Broadlume

After all these acquisitions and growing into the largest technology provider in the industry, it was time to bring everything together. We launched the industry's only All-In-One Marketing and Management Platform and relaunched our whole company as Broadlume.

Let's elevate the flooring industry together

We’re always looking for the best and the brightest to join us in this rare opportunity to impact an entire industry and the lives of 3000+ retailers.