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(RECAP) The Benefits of the RLM & BMS Integration

Boost productivity and the efficiency of your flooring business with our Retail Lead Management & Business Management Software integration.

By Alexandra Wittner Jan 26, 2024

Saving You Time & Eliminating Stress:

  • Our BMS and RLM integration helps you streamline processes and save time. With this integration, you'll be able to access critical quotes and order details from RLM, eliminating the need to log into BMS.

Software That Works Together:

  • Our software works together to help you run your business better by syncing leads, quotes, and orders seamlessly.
  • When you sync a lead, RLM searches for a matching customer record in BMS. If one isn't found, you can create a new customer record.
  • Once customer records are synced, you can choose which associated "Quotes and Orders" from BMS to sync with that lead in RLM.

Quotes and Orders Tab:

  • After syncing a lead, a new "Quotes and Orders" tab appears on the Lead Detail page in RLM, displaying all quotes and orders associated with the lead.
  • From there, you can click on a quote or order to view detailed line item information.

Notes Tab:

  • The "Notes" tab in RLM provides a historical record of information and events related to the lead.
  • Any notes attached to a synced quote or order get pinned to the top of the "Notes" tab.

Files Tab:

  • The "Files" tab in RLM fetches e-documents attached to synced quotes and orders.

Boundless Integration Benefits:

  • The integration between RLM and BMS delivers multiple advantages for retailers, such as enhanced lead management, improved sales efficiency, and superior customer service. Watch the recap above to see all the ways you can benefit.
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