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(RECAP) Retail Lead Management: Part 2

Learn how the flooring industry's #1 CRM can help you improve lead management, close more sales, and increase profitability.

By Alexandra Wittner Jan 19, 2024

Why Lead Management Is Essential For Flooring Retailers

Don't lose another sale due to poor process or a lack of following up. Proper lead management is the difference between booking a high-value job vs. losing an opportunity.

That's why Retail Lead Management (RLM) is the #1 Customer Relationship Management platform in the flooring industry. Our robust software empowers your team to effortlessly track, manage, and successfully close more leads.

In this recap, we will share some of RLM's effective features to help you fine-tune your sales process to perfection.

Navigating Leads Through the Sales Cycle

To help you prioritize your lead outreach, you need to know where your prospects are within your sales cycle.

RLM helps you easily view what stage your prospects are in to help your team improve their efficiency and priorities.

Beyond that, we highlight:

  • Creating & assigning a lead
  • Creating date and time-based tasks
  • Completing tasks
  • Leveraging notes and note history, including filtering, pinning, editing, and deleting notes
  • Closing a lead and generating an e-mail link for a closed lead
  • How to view on Map/Zillow Property Info

Unlocking Secondary Tasks

While primary tasks are essential to RLM, secondary tasks can provide your business with key information on prospects and streamline your team's outreach efforts.

In this training, we cover secondary tasks like:

  • Clever workaround tactics to assign a lead to an additional person or multiple people
  • Attaching files to leads
  • How you can include sample information to a prospect, including:
    • Adding Samples
    • Tracking Sample Statuses (Checked-Out, Returned, Didn't Return, etc.)
    • Sample Listing Page, which shows you a running list of all the samples you are tracking
  • Creating a new lead from an existing lead/repeat customer
  • How you can manage all your tasks on the Task Listing Page

Calendar Integrations, Contact Management & Reporting

To help you stay on top of your sales pipeline, RLM makes it easy to integrate your lead management, export files, and view performance through its reporting functionality.

  • RLM Calendar offers visibility into appointments and upcoming tasks with your leads, such as:
    • Sorting with calendar filters
    • Calendar item links to the associated lead
    • Visibility into other user's calendars
    • Easy integrations with Google Cal and Outlook
  • RLM makes exporting data from the platform easy. Export open leads, closed leads, etc., in a CSV file in the Files Tab
  • Customizing Columns to create unique templates for yourself or your business
  • Robust reporting to provide your business with a high-level overview of your pipeline, sales opportunities, or even sales reports by a salesperson.

You're On Your Way To Crushing Lead Management

While there is a small learning curve to mastering RLM, investing time to learn these features will provide massive benefits and a measurable boost to your business's bottom line.

Have questions? Reach out and let us know how we can help.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the last training session (Part 3), where we showcase the seamless integration between Retail Lead Management and Broadlume's Business Management Software.