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New Features | Retail Lead Management (RLM) (5/12/23)

You spoke and we listened. Read below for our newest features including notes filters, a new calendar, exporting reports, and more!

By Taylor Rash May 12, 2023

Key Features And Releases - RLM:

Notes Filters

No more endless scrolling and hunting for relevant notes on your leads. Notes Filters introduces an intuitive way to quickly filter by Notes Type, Stage, Assigned User, and more!

Notes Filter Screenshot

Calendar Filters & User Interface Upgrade

The Calendar User Interface got a massive upgrade to be more informational and scannable. Alongside these UI updates, were also improving the experience by applying similar filters as we did on Notes. Filter by Store, Task Type, Pipeline, Assigned To, and more, to create the perfect view of your teams calendar.

RLM Calendar Interface Screenshot

Export Leads Based On Current List View

Previously, lead exports were an overwhelming spreadsheet with EVERY column in the organizations account. Now, you'll get a discreet export of whatever is represented on the List view. Combine this with Saved List View Templates to cut down the time to update reporting by 80%!

Export Date Format Upgrade

Currently, when exporting date data types, the .csv only picks up the mm/dd/yyyy. This is not specific enough to do more sensitive analyses on things like average response time. Now, when you export a date, time will be included as well.

Filtering / Sorting Logic Upgrade

This upgrade is for handling null/empty records.

Add "X" To Clear All Applied Filters For A Given Column

Currently, users who apply multiple filters for a specific column (i.e. Stage or Assigned User) have to deselect them one at a time. The system then loads between each deselection, causing a delay. Now, you can clear all filters for a specific column in one click!

"X" To Clear Filters Screenshot

Final Thoughts

We are always looking to improve Retail Lead Management and we take your feedback seriously. Enjoy these new features and let us know what else you'd like to see! If you'd like even more information or support, please visit our Knowledge Base.

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