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(RECAP) Revolutionize Your Payment Processing

Ready to save money and unlock faster, more efficient payment processing? See how Broadlume Payments is the perfect software for your flooring business.

By Jeffrey Bieber Jan 12, 2024

Everything You Need To Know About Payment Processing

In this webinar, Chris Eades provides an overview of merchant services and the advantages that Broadlume Payments can offer your flooring business, including:

  • Click-To-Pay, ACH, and Text-To-Pay Payment Options
  • Transparent and Clear Rates with No Hidden Fees
  • Website Integration (For Broadlume and Non-Broadlume Websites)
  • Next-Day Funding and Payment Batching

The benefits of our payment processing software are vast, but most importantly, it'll save you money and provide your customers with flexible ways to pay. This software offers multiple methods for sending payments from your website, in e-mails, through texting, and more.

How Much Can You Save?

While it sounds too good to be true, we're so confident that Broadlume Payments can save you money and streamline your payment processing that we offer a free rate check to showcase your potential savings.

To see how much money you can save, send a PDF of your statement to

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Want to save money and provide your customers with convenient ways to pay?

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