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(RECAP) 4 Ways To Maximize Profits With Merchandising

4 easy tactics to boost your bottom line with product and showroom merchandising.

By Alexandra Wittner Feb 23, 2024

Product and Showroom Merchandising are two of the most important yet overlooked practices for flooring retailers.

How you present your store and products can potentially have a huge impact on your sales and profits.

How To Level Up Your Merchandising:

  • Evolve and tailor your strategies to meet customers' expectations
  • Learn merchandising 101, including quality and quantity of leads, close rates, average job size, and gross profit margin
  • Explore simple-to-execute and low-cost ways to drive sales with an elevated shopping experience in your showroom
  • Best practices to leverage visualization and sample ordering to increase store traffic, delight your customers, and close more sales.

Watch the video above, apply these recommendations, and watch those profits increase.