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(RECAP) Armstrong Flooring is Back!

See how AHF is helping retailers increase profits as they relaunch Armstrong Flooring.

By Alexandra Wittner Mar 22, 2024

AHF's Lee Hoggard (Director of Sales) and Jeff Sommer (Director of Marketing & Digital Engagement) join John Weller to discuss their new rigid core product, how today's customers shop for flooring, and the advantages for retailers who carry the new Armstrong brand.

Conversation Recap:

  • Deep-dive into AHF's plans for Armstrong Flooring & the new brand Lutea (a rigid core product).
  • How they are driving shopper interest with national brand advertising to help retailers increase profit margins.
  • Powerful digital sales tools, like visualization and e-commerce sample ordering, speed up the buying process and create upselling opportunities.
  • The impact that Digital Retailing creates for retailers who work with AHF and Armstrong.

Check out this conversation and contact AHF or your Account Manager if you're interested in Armstrong and Lutea!