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(RECAP) Estimate Like The Pros with Measure Square

Learn how to estimate like a pro with MeasureSquare in this video training.

By Alexandra Wittner Mar 15, 2024

MeasureSquare's Retail iPad Estimating Software offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and customizable settings, making it a valuable tool for flooring retailers who work in the residential sector.

Key Product Highlights:

  • Customizations with MeasureSquare to reflect the project needs and your store's preferences for efficient and precise estimating.
  • Leverage a wide range of features including estimation, material cutting, project settings, room measurement, floor plan setup, and 3D modeling, all in one place.
  • Simplify project management with auto-save and sync options for easy project initiation, adjustment, and progress tracking.
  • Utilize realistic 3D models and preview projects with customizable detailed reporting and printing functions for tailored reports.

Watch the video above and level up your estimating with MeasureSquare!

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