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Why Canopy Is The Flooring Brand Everyone Is Talking About

Get to know Canopy, IFC's new flooring brand, from the Dossche family, and see why it's the talk of the flooring industry.

Jan 19, 2024

The Dossche's are Back

The Dossche family name needs no introduction after Piet Dossche revolutionized waterproof flooring during his time at USFloors and Shaw. Now, his sons, Julian and William, are carrying the baton and are on a mission to revolutionize the flooring industry, again, with their new flooring brand, Canopy.

Piet, Julian & William launching Canopy at Broadlume's FloorCon '23

The Canopy Difference

In their research, the Dossches discovered that few shoppers have strong brand associations within the flooring industry. Seeing an obstacle as an opportunity, they're determined to change this by focusing on brand building, creating a delightful customer experience, and investing in their retailer partners to elevate Canopy to new heights.

To do this, they're building the brand to be digitally driven while helping retailers increase their profits and margins.

Historically, manufacturers view retailers as their primary customers, while Canopy is adopting a new perspective by recognizing shoppers as their shared customers.

They aspire to create a recognizable and trusted brand within the flooring industry. Furthermore, they acknowledge the significant influence of local retailers across the country and intend to partner with them to:

  • Build the brand
  • Provide an incredible customer experience
  • Offer market exclusivity
  • Foster loyalty and trust

While it's not an easy task, the Dossche's know the value it will bring to Canopy, but more importantly, the retailers they partner with.

Avoiding Oversaturated Markets and Margin Erosion

To help retailers increase margins and avoid a sea of sameness, Canopy is implementing a limited distribution model. This gives each Canopy retailer a significant and unique market opportunity. Additionally, they've committed to not selling their products to the box stores or on e-commerce websites.

Their focus is on delivering quality products with integrity.

Furthermore, by partnering with Broadlume, retailers will receive unique and high-impact marketing tools and technology to simplify the shopping process and help retailers sell high-margin flooring.

Canopy has selected Broadlume as their exclusive technology partner

Want To Work With Canopy?

Interested in becoming a Canopy dealer? Visit the Canopy website or fill out the form here to speak with the Canopy and IFC Team.

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