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How Digital Retailing Created A New Channel Of Leads For Kemper Carpet

Kemper Carpet & Flooring is thriving with Digital Retailing and e-commerce online sample ordering.

Tammy Titus, the proud owner of Kemper Carpet & Flooring, stands as a shining example of the transformative power of The Dixie Group's Digital Retailing partnership with Broadlume. Through this initiative, her flooring business has experienced an impressive boost in leads, sales, and a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

A New Era in Flooring Retail with The Dixie Group

Many in the flooring business recognize The Dixie Group's hallmark brands such as Masland, Fabrica, DH Floors, and TRUCOR. But the real game-changer? Their recently launched Digital Retailing program, in partnership with Broadlume. Rather than just singing its praises, let's delve into a real-life success story.

It's the Best Advertising Tool We've Ever Had

Tammy enthusiastically shares,

"Since partnering with Broadlume and The Dixie Group, our advertising and marketing approach has undergone a complete transformation. We've unlocked an entirely new channel for attracting leads, redefining how customers engage with our online platform."

With her experience in the industry, Tammy hails this program as the pinnacle of their marketing strategies.

"The collaboration between Broadlume and The Dixie Group has ushered in an incredibly rewarding experience, both for our team and our clientele."

The Digital Retailing Edge

Highlighting the standout feature of the program, Tammy states, "Our customers adore the convenience of ordering samples of their chosen Dixie Brands straight from our website, delivered right to their doorstep."

E-Commerce Sample Orders Delivered Directly To Customers

This streamlined sample ordering process not only improves the customer journey but also introduces a treasure trove of actionable leads that can be effortlessly converted into sales.

By offering online sample ordering, she's seen a surge in website traffic, lead generation, and in-home estimate bookings.

For example, Kemper Carpet & Flooring's website traffic in August is up 107% when compared to Aug. 2022

This cascade effect opens up numerous avenues for retailers to schedule appointments and seal the deal.

Furthermore, if you're equipped with Broadlume Payments, you can even expedite the sales process by instantly collecting deposits.

Beyond Sampling: An Entire New Set of Tools

But it's not just about samples. The Dixie Group’s digital retailing program delivers a comprehensive toolkit to supercharge your business, encompassing:

  • In-store and online product visualization
  • Product catalog banners
  • and dedicated brand collection pages for The Dixie Group's brands: TRUCOR, Masland, Fabrica, and DH Floors.

Embrace the Digital Retailing Revolution

If you are an existing Broadlume client or a flooring retailer aspiring to amplify your sales, now's the time to immerse yourself in the exclusive perks presented by The Dixie Group's Digital Retailing program.

If you’re a current Broadlume customer or a retailer looking to sell more flooring, schedule a demo to see if you qualify for this exclusive program.

Proven to make a difference

We've helped thousands of retailers simplify their business and sell more floors. Schedule a demo, and see why Broadlume is the most trusted technology provider in the flooring industry.