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Unlocking Success with The Dixie Group's Digital Retailing Program

Discover how Kemper Carpet & Flooring is thriving with the ultimate digital retailing experience for flooring retailers.


If you’re in the flooring business, you're likely familiar with The Dixie Group and their impressive brands like Masland, Fabrica, DH Floors, and TRUCOR. But have you heard about their newly launched digital retailing program? We could tell you about the sales-driving digital tools that simplify the floor purchasing journey… but why not hear it from a retailer with proven results?

Meet Tammy Titus: A Flooring Retailer with a Vision

Meet Tammy Titus, owner of Kemper Carpet & Flooring, who's experienced firsthand the transformative power of The Dixie Group's Digital Retailing program. Her story is a testament to the program's effectiveness in driving sales and enhancing the customer experience.

The Impact of The Dixie Group’s Digital Retailing Partnership

"Since we’ve been working with Broadlume and The Dixie Group, we’ve seen an incredible change in the advertising and the marketing of our company. It’s created a whole new channel for leads, and it’s changed how customers interact with our website” Tammy enthusiastically shares.

After years in the business, Tammy considers this program the best marketing initiative they’ve ever had. She adds, "It’s a thrill that Broadlume and The Dixie Group have partnered together to create such a rewarding experience for us and our customers."

What Sets This Program Apart?

"We love that our customers can order samples of their favorite Dixie Brands, directly from our website, and have them shipped directly to their homes," says Tammy, highlighting one of the program's standout features. This seamless sample ordering process not only enhances the customer's experience but also creates valuable leads that are easy to follow up on and convert into sales.

Retailers who offer sample ordering typically see increased website traffic, leads, and in-home estimate appointments. This translates into more opportunities for retailers to provide personalized service, conduct measurements, and close deals. If you have Broadlume Payments integrated, you can even collect deposits on the spot, streamlining the sales process further.

More Than Just Samples

Beyond online sample ordering and lead generation, The Dixie Group’s digital retailing program offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your business. This includes online and in-store product visualization, catalog banners, and brand collection pages for all your favorite Dixie brands: TRUCOR, Masland, Fabrica, and DH Floors.

Join the Success Story

If you’re a current Broadlume customer or a retailer looking to sell more flooring, it’s time to explore the exclusive opportunities offered by The Dixie Group's Digital Retailing program. Schedule a demo today to see if you qualify and join the ranks of thriving flooring retailers who've harnessed the power of digital retailing to unlock success.

With The Dixie Group, Broadlume, and retailers like Kemper Carpet & Flooring paving the way, the future of flooring retailing has never looked brighter. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exciting journey!

If you’re a current Broadlume customer or a retailer looking to sell more flooring, schedule a demo to see if you qualify for this exclusive program.

Proven to make a difference

We've helped thousands of retailers simplify their business and sell more floors. Schedule a demo, and see why Broadlume is the most trusted technology provider in the flooring industry.