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What is FlooringStores United?

A turn-key digital to physical retailing solution that provides consumers with an exceptional shopping experience, and dealers a consistent pipeline of leads.

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Marketing That Sells

Your Own Sales Focused Advertising Agency

Creating ads and managing your advertising is expensive and time-consuming. FSU's marketing calendar provides you customized commercial videos promoting your brand and product image assets designed to drive highly-qualified customers to your website & into your store. Not only will we create your virtual assets, our team of Google, Bing, and Facebook experts will also manage your ads to ensure you're in front of ready to buy shoppers.

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Co-Op That Isn't Complex

A Simplified Approach

No more complicated hoops to jump through or forms to submit. With FSU's reimagined Co-Op marketing program, a portion of every dollar you sell from FSU suppliers is used to help get you more leads. You will earn accrual on all purchases, which automatically convert into for digital advertising and never expires. Additionally, you'll earn rebates on all purchases, which will be paid out 1x/year at Broadlume's annual convention, FloorCon.

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Capitalize On Our Data

Real-Time Analytics, Reporting, and Insights

Our platform analyzes over 5MM consumer actions per month, giving you an unfair advantage against your competition. Our team of data scientists analyze a multitude of data points and consumer attribute to predict the right time to show your ad to an in-market shopper. All this information is captured and displayed in an easy to use, best-in-class analytics and reporting dashboard.

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The New Standard In Flooring

Digital Retailing Has Arrived

Customer expectations have never been higher. FSU's digital toolkit raises the standards in the flooring industry and will help you sell more flooring. These tools include an effortless sample shipping program to generate high-quality leads, unique products to help you stand out, the highest quality Imagery to showcase your products online, and digital PK videos to help your sales team understand the products to more effectively sell the products.

Additional Benefits of FlooringStores United
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Online &
In-Store Visualizer
Real-Time Analytics,
Reportng, & Insights
Exclusively available for FloorForce & Creating Your Space clients.
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