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Live at FloorCon: The Flooring Industry's Largest Ever Executive Panel

Oct 18, 2022

FloorCon 2022 will be here before you know it! This year’s theme: the retailer revolution.

The retailer revolution is all about putting the latest tools and technology in your hands, to help independent retailers like you compete and win against the box stores. 

And as part of this year’s lineup of keynotes and panels, we’ve put together the industry’s most extensive panel of executives, with representatives from some of the biggest names in flooring.

But these aren’t just flashy names—whether you know them or not, these five executives are some of the biggest supporters of independent flooring retailers. 

We hand-picked this year's panel because these industry leaders are investing time and money to provide independent retailers with the technology and support needed to be successful in 2023 and beyond. 

During this panel, they’ll tell you how their companies are going all-in on local retailers. Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see on the FloorCon 2022 executive panel.

Raymond Mancini, Jr., Chairman of the Board at JJ Haines

Raymond Mancini Jr. | FloorCon 2022 Speaker

JJ Haines is the largest floor covering distributor in the United States, and we’re thrilled that their chairman Raymond Mancini, Jr. is joining us as part of FloorCon’s executive panel.

Mancini is a third-generation flooring expert and has served as CEO of the Belknap White Group since 2016 where he is responsible for the long-term growth of their flooring division. At the center of that vision for long-term growth: the independent flooring retailer.

T.M. Nuckols, President at The Dixie Group

T.M. Nuckols | FloorCon 2022 Speaker

Nuckols was named President of Dixie Residential in 2017. And late last year, The Dixie Group sold off their commercial business to put their undivided attention on the residential market, meaning Nuckols is now president of Dixie’s entire operation.

Since their pivot to residential, The Dixie Group has gone from a carpet-only operation to carrying several lines of hard surface options. And with those new options, there are more opportunities for local retailers to sell to customers—you’ll have to hear it from Nuckols himself!

Chad Stark, CEO at Stark Carpet

Chad Stark | FloorCon 2022 Speaker

Stark Carpet was founded nearly a century ago in 1938 by Chad Stark’s grandfather Arthur. And in 2020, Chad was named CEO of the family business with a focus on delivering world-class service to clients around the world with technology and new product development.

Stark Carpet has always been a company focused on innovation—that’s why we’re ecstatic to have Chad join us as part of FloorCon’s executive panel. With a deep-rooted heritage in the flooring industry combined with a new perspective and a focus on technology, Chad Stark’s vision is a breath of fresh air for everyone in the flooring industry.

Scott Humphrey, CEO at WFCA (World Floor Covering Association)

Scott Humphrey | FloorCon 2022 Speaker

Scott Humphrey is a true giant in the flooring industry. After spending 25 years at Shaw, including 6 years as Director of the Shaw Flooring Network, Humphrey has spent 9 years as President and CEO of the WFCA.

WFCA empowers independent retailers by giving them a collective voice they might not have otherwise had, and connects them with industry leaders by giving them a seat at the table. You might say Scott Humphrey has been working on the retailer revolution behind the scenes for years—now it’s finally time to show the world.

Matthew Saltzman, CEO at Louisville Tile

Matt Saltzman | FloorCon 2022 Speaker

Matthew Saltzman was named CEO at Louisville Tile just this year, in January of 2022. Prior to his time at Louisville Tile, Saltzman spent multiple decades in the accounting and law industries at companies like JP Morgan, Pallas Partners, Prudential Financial, and more.

So while most of our executive panel is composed of flooring “lifers”, Matthew Saltzman offers a unique outsider’s perspective on what’s working, and what needs to change.

Ready to join us in Tucson this November? Secure your tickets to FloorCon 2022 while you can!

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