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How to Motivate and Coach Your Retail Sales Associates

A key to running a successful flooring business is having knowledgeable, motivated, and well-trained Retail Sales Associates (RSAs).

That's why we've asked Rachel Berlin and Blake Powell, expert RSA Sales Trainers, to bring you a session filled with actionable insights to boost your Retail Sales Associate's performance.

Date & Time: Thursday, November 9th at 1:00 PM

This interactive session will include a live Q&A segment, offering you a unique opportunity to engage directly with the experts.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategies for Building Trust: Learn how to effectively manage and inspire your team.
  • Removing Productivity Roadblocks: Identify and eliminate common obstacles that hinder performance.
  • Essential Dos and Don'ts: Practical tips to win your team over and drive success.

Reserve Your Spot Now! Elevate your sales team and watch your business thrive.

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